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Pennywise terrorises Pecky’s audience in immersive screening of IT


The immersive screen we held last week of Stephen King’s enduring 1986 horror novel IT was a riotous sell-out, especially when the malevolent dancing clown, Pennywise, pounced on some unknowing innocent in the audience or it rained ‘blood’ from the ceiling or balloons burst like gunshot. Everybody screamed and when they weren’t shrieking, they were laughing or looking over their shoulder in case The Clown was creeping up on them. There was even a medical man in the audience in case anyone had a heart attack or fainted. Really scary stuff! Huge fun!



Check out images from the night on our facebook and twitter profiles.

This big-screen adaptation of King’s perennial best seller floated to the top of the UK box office on its opening weekend, earning £9,884,000 across 604 cinemas in the UK, making it the biggest horror opening of all time here.

The standard screening of IT is playing at the Plex all week.


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