Dear Customers

As you know we re-opened with great excitement in August, initially admissions were as expected but declined as the weeks went on. For some it is the understandable concerns about the risks of COVID-19, but for most it is about the lack of available films.

Unfortunately, the film distributors that we rent our films from are constantly re-scheduling the big titles to further and further away. Cinemas across the country have been impacted in the same way. As an independently run cinema remaining open is simply not viable with such low levels of audience admissions and we are determined to eke out our resources, looking after our 40 employees, so that we can bounce back and welcome you for the long term.

So, it's with great sadness that we're closing the Plex for now. You have sent us so many encouraging notes and emails. Thank you. We'll miss you.

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Best wishes to all our friends and stay well.

Thank you from Simone, Geoff, Rakesh, Marianne, our entire team and me.

John Reiss

Peckhamplex Ltd

Peckhamplex 95a Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST
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