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Dead Good

Dead Good

Release Date: Fri 10th May 19

Format: 2D Digital

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Rate: PG
Contains bereavement theme, images of dead bodies

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Wheelchair/Disabled Access

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Dead Good Synopsis

A sensitive and life-affirming documentary following three groups of people as
they participate in the ritual of care after death. They are supported by a group
of women who empower people to take back control.
Encouraging family and friends to be involved in the whole or any part of the
process; from advice around keeping a body at home until the funeral, to
bathing and dressing the deceased explaining that embalming is not necessary.
And from using their own vehicle to transport the coffin to being bearers for their
loved one’s final journey.
With the industrialisation, corporatisation and speed of dealing with the dead in
the UK, a growing number of people are worried by this ‘conveyor belt of
death’. Some people are taking back ownership of this ceremonial rite.
With extraordinary access, we follow three groups of people, close up, from
after the death through to the ceremony. This relatively unknown work is part of
an emerging global movement confronting the way death is approached. It is
a gentle look at a human right that has been taken away, but is gradually
being reclaimed by ordinary people.
Followed by Q & A with Director: Rehana Rose

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Tuesday 14th May 2019

Cast & Crew

Rehana Rose
Real Life People!
Rehana Rose