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The Flood

The Flood

Release Date: Fri 21st Jun 19

Format: 2D Digital

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Rate: 15
Strong language, threat

Free List Suspended

Wheelchair/Disabled Access

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The Flood Synopsis

A hardened immigration officer decides the fate of a dangerous asylum seeker.

Starring: Lena Headey, Iain Glen, Ivanno Jeremiah, Arsher Ali
Directed by Anthony Woodley

Wendy (Lena Headey), a hardened immigration officer is offered a high-profile asylum case, judged on her ability to quickly and clinically reject applicants. Through her interrogation, she must uncover whether Haile (Ivanno Jeremiah) is lying and has a more sinister reason for seeking asylum.

We follow Haile on his perilous 5000 kilometre journey – over oceans, across borders, and amidst the flurry of the Calais Jungle – to find solace and safety in the UK. But now he must cross the final hurdle. Based on multiple true stories, THE FLOOD is a thoughtful and timely reflection on the humanity within the refugee crisis.

Set in France and the UK at a time when politics are more divisive than ever, and lines between refugees and terrorists are intentionally blurred by politicians, the filmmakers wanted to highlight the difference between the extraordinary and perilous journey people are making with the slow, clinical, and bureaucratic response around the world. The filmmakers researched heavily, basing the script on actual stories, including interviews with ex Home Office officials, for a measured and objective look at issues that permeate the news regularly.


Monday 17th June.
Followed by pre-recorded interview with Lena Headly.

Screening daily from 21st June.

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Cast & Crew

Anthony Woodley
Arsher Ali
Ivanno Jeremiah
Mandip Gill
Lena Headey
Iain Glen